Invitation to the MetLife AIG ANB Extraordinary General Assembley

MetLife AIG ANB Cooperative Insurance Company invites its shareholders/Investors owning 20 or more shares to  attend the Extraordinary General Assembly (the first assembly) to be held (God willing) at ANB Bank Head Office at 16:00 on 22/02/2016. The following agenda items will be discussed:


1- To formally agree the Board of Directors recommendation to increase the Company's Capital by way of Rights Issue to the value of SAR 175,000,000.00

2- To formally agree the modification of chapter seven (7) of the Company's by-laws in relation to the increase of the Company's Capital

3- To formally agree the modification of chapter eight (8) of the Company's by-laws in relation to the increase of the Company's Capital


The Rights can be availed by any shareholder/investor owning shares in the Company by the end of the trading session on the day of the Extraordinary General Assembly, being called specifically to decide the Company's Capital Increase with respect to its solvency. The price of the rights and their quantity shall be determined during the Extraordinary General Assembly. In order to ensure the continuation of the assembly, shareholders/investors representing a minimum of Fifty(50) percent of the Company's Capital must be present. Any shareholder/investor owning Twenty(20) or more shares is cordially invited to attend. Those shareholders/investors that are unable to attend the scheduled meeting but would like to be represented by another shareholder eligible to attend (excluding members of the board of directors or company employees) must provide the company with the required proxy documentation ratified by the chamber of commerce, or bank or place of employment. The proxy document should be sent to the Company at the following address:

PO BOX 56437, Riyadh 11554


The proxy documents should be provided to the company at least Three(3) days before the scheduled meeting and it is required that the representatives holding said proxy bring with them a copy of the proxy and a copy of their Identification card.


For any queries please call us on 0115109310.