Financial Lines Insurance

We provide professional liability solutions that address errors & omissions liability exposures for a variety of industries and audiences.

Directors and Officers Liability :

Directors and Officers liability insurance (D&O) provides coverage for directors and officers in respect of wrongful acts undertaken in the course of the performance of their managerial duties. D&O cover protects the personal assets of Directors and Officers. The policy is purchased by the company for the benefit of the directors and officers as individual insureds. The policy will reimburse the company itself for a loss where it has indemnified a director in respect of a claim made against them and in the event that the company is unable to reimburse the director the policy will directly pay the individual.

Financial Institutions Professional Liability:

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a liability policy designed to help protect banks and other types of financial institutions from claims alleging breach of duty or other errors and omissions arising out of professional services rendered to customers. The policy also covers defence costs of legal representation of insured persons and the institution.

Plastic Card Insurance:

Plastic Card Insurance This insurance offers coverage to Banks against actual financial losses occurring due to Counterfeiting of Plastic Cards, Loss or Stolen plastic cards, merchant fraud and legal and court cost if any arising from the above losses on the Plastic Cards issued by the insured bank.